3M Ear Plug Dispenser

3M™ One Touch™ Pro Ear Plug Dispenser, 391-0000
The 3M™ One Touch™ Pro Ear Plugs dispenser offers convenient access to workers on the move. A simple twist accurately and consistently dispenses one earplug at a time. The reusable free-standing or wall hanging dispenser can be re-stocked with One Touch™ refills of our most popular 3M™ E-A-R™ Earplugs.
• Accurately dispenses one earplug at a time
• Dispenses earplug directly into hand
• Durable ABS plastic for tough environments
• Free-standing or wall-mounted
• Shields earplugs from wind and rain

Product Description


Product Features

Colour‎ ‎ Blue
Material‎ ‎ ABS
Packaging‎ ‎ Box
Product Type‎ ‎ Dispenser
Standards/Approvals‎ ‎ CE Approved
Typical Application‎ Facility Maintenance,‎ Grinding,‎ Electrical,‎ Machine Operations
Sanding,‎ Welding,‎ Demolition,‎ Painting,‎ Blasting,‎ Assembly,‎ Cleaning
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